Why Advertise?

  1. A high percentage of readers are new to veganism and are very keen to discover products that are new to them.
  2. All readers are always looking for new products and are pleased to find relevant advertisements.
  3. Vegan Life has won a clutch of awards since launching in September 2014 and is highly valued by its readers. The magazine is seen as one of the keys to bringing vegan into mainstream culture and leading the way to changing perceptions.
  4. "Vegan" vs "Vegetarian" search on Google is now 2:1 and increasing. Vegan is the fastest growing food and lifestyle interest and is forecasted to grow substantially.


Market facts, not guesses.

Research commissioned by Vegan Life magazine and The Vegan Society carried out in early 2016, found there are over half a million vegans in Britain. The study, carried out by leading researchers Ipsos MORI, surveyed almost 10,000 people aged 15 or over across England, Scotland and Wales - the biggest ever poll quantifying the vegan community.
The results make encouraging reading for those who really care about animals and the planet.
Nearly half the vegetarians polled said they would like to reduce their consumption of animal products. This equates to 521,000 people across Britain, meaning there could soon be in excess of one million vegans in total.
Further facts and figures breaking down the survey demographic are available from us on request.